Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vehicle themed morning

Andrew spent the morning driving around outside in the freezing cold (low 40s is cold for us!).

Cate and I bundled up and went outside to be his little cheerleaders.

Best part of a cul de sac is that he has to come back :) Here he is going to "work at Google"

I loved this evil smile... as he tried to run me over... and kept chasing me

Thanks Caffees for such a fun b-day surprise!

When we were done riding his motorcycle, his bike was done getting put together.

I see many afternoons sitting on the front lawn watching him ride his bide around the cul de sac in my future. Hopefully when it is a little bit warmer :)

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delikk said...

Sounds like a PERFECT morning to me! Outdoor activities are the best. Happy Birthday, Andrew!