Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Bliss

What makes Valentine's Day pure bliss?

- The arrival of a Mrs. Fields ladybug (with cookies inside) from Kim & Jules

- Shopping time, hot pretzels, and Mrs. Fields cookies at the Great Mall with Jessie

- Monday playgroup which equals Mommy & Caitlin cuddle (and clean up) time

- Hanging out with all of Andrew's cute friends and hosting a Kindness celebration (you can read and see more pics from our party here)

Love these girls
Hopefully Caitlin can grow up to be just like them

- Some gooey chocolatey Kara's cupcakes

- Cookies from Specialty's Bakery

- Date night IN cuddling and watching LOST and reading a sweet card from Kevin (after the party died down around 8:30 and kids went to bed)

- Babysitter scheduled for an actual V-day/Anniversary date night out on Thursday. Yay! (Caitlin will be tagging along, but she's so quiet you almost don't even know she is there)

Tomorrow I will need to detox from all the sweets. I only ate a bite of each thing... so treats will be lingering in our house all week. Definitely will be hitting the hills with the double jogger tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Ashley said...

The treats alone would have made that a great day! You are always hosting the cutest little parties. Your kids are so lucky. I was at the Great Mall yesterday too! I wish I would have run into you!