Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bows and clips!

I spent the morning organizing Caitlin's room so that Kevin can stop saying he doesn't know where any clothes are :)

(up until now I still had too many newborn and 0-3 month clothes in her drawers)

I may also label the drawers with sticky notes. I did that when Andrew was a baby and it made things much easier for Kevin ;) My systems of organization are great for unorganized people.

I also organized her clips and hairbands and put them all on the little decorative bust I bought. I am loving all the color!

Now I need to stop using the same two clips over and over again :)


super awesome kt said...

Cute! Where did you get the cute bank?

Kevin and Kristina said...

Our Bishop & wife gave it to us... isn't it adorable?

I think this is it

Stephanie said...

Figuring out how to organize all of Emily's hair accessories was always a challenge for me, too. Now I have a ribbon hanging in the bathroom closet (since hair brushing happens in there- just wait! It's torture for all involved) and snap all the clips on the ribbon. I still haven't figured out a great way for the headbands besides just putting them all in a basket.

Lopez Family said...

ooo i like the way u organize the clips and stuff. azalea's in in the bathroom drawer and everything in there. its kinda messy. but I LOVE seeing caitlin's outfits and looks on facebook. shes soooo adorable!