Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sneak Peek

This Sunday we are blessing Caitlin. Our family's professional shoppers, Grandma Julie & Aunt Elise, made sure that she was outfitted with the cutest dress ever. I was starting to worry that on d-day it wouldn't fit (it is size 3 months and Caitlin currently weighs 15 lbs)... so we tried it out this morning. Fortunately it does fit... as long as Caitlin's chubby arms don't get any chubbier by Sunday :)

I am hoping to snap some non-boppy propped up shots of her this weekend. If not and we get busy, at least we'll have these ones.

Boatloads of people are trucking to the Bay area to see this little cutie... and bask in the beauty that is California in February. Don't want to burst anyone's bubble... but it is supposed to be cloudy, rainy, and colder this weekend :( I know we've been bragging about the good weather for awhile, so hopefully Mother Nature decides to cooperate and changes the forecast.

If not, you can all fight over cuddling with this little babe and eating treats at our house.

Honestly, my favorite part of the outfit is the hat. I really had no clue what I was going to do with her mohawk. It just doesn't look that feminine.

Thanks Mom & Elise!

PS- Yes I have been blogging a lot today. Some were posts I did last week and just posted today. Some were not. We are having a pj/tv/kinect/chocolate/cuddle on the couch sorta day. I made baby Cate cry too much last week when I put her in the carseat every second. We are trying reverse the damage I did by hanging out at home today and making sure she gets loads of attention and cuddles. My little Andrew helper is becoming an expert toy squeaker and baby rattle shaker. She is a happy girl (except when we try to put her in pretty dresses) :)


Sarah said...

Her blessing dress is beautiful and I love the bonnet. What a little doll!

Ashley said...

That dress is gorgeous! I want to tap into your professional shoppers! I love her little mohawk and think it's perfectly feminine. Good luck this weekend--I hope you get sunshine!