Friday, February 25, 2011


Last night we went to a little birthday party next door. We brought a present for Andrew's little friend... and came home with more than we gave!

Ayyám-i-Há is a Bahai holiday celebrated at the end of February. It is a gift giving holiday and one where a lot of service is done. As part of the celebration (combined with the b-day party), Andrew got to unwrap this fun gift to take home...

And I got a beautiful flower.

We also thrashed a pinata, so we came home with loads of candy. Kevin and I were pretty proud of Andrew's hard and accurate baseball swing... although it still wasn't hard enough to put a dent in the pinata. I think he's ready for his t-ball practices to start already!

As always, we enjoyed another super night with our fabulous neighbors. We still wonder how we ended up getting so lucky to live next to so many fabulous families!

It isn't all love and happiness on the court though... I'm seriously about to call animal control about the dog owners on our street. I've now talked with both families. I have caught both of them in the act of letting their dogs leave presents on my lawn (and my neighbor's lawn) and not pick anything up!

If you have a dog... please help me understand something...

Here's the scenario- It is raining out of control outside. You take your dog outside to do it's business... why not have it go on your own lawn (and pick stuff up and get back inside quick) instead of taking it to MY lawn. Are you premeditately (not a word? :)) NOT planning to pick it up and that is why you come to my lawn? Does your dog have something against YOUR lawn?

It is one thing if you're on a long walk around the neighborhood... but if you're only walking 1-2 houses over... can't you just let your dog go in your own backyard? Then you wouldn't even have to go outside with it.

One neighbor last night had the gall to say to my face that she ALWAYS picks up after her dog and knows how it feels because she hates it when her dog goes on her lawn (k, but you got a dog, not a cat, so it was inevitable that you would be picking stuff up)... so when I brought up the fact that her dog is on my lawn sometimes (without her around.. she just opens her front door and lets it run wherever it wants)... that's when she went silent for a few minutes and started apologizing... and promising it wouldn't happen again.

I'm hoping I embarrassed the lady enough last night that she'll actual change things... but I doubt it. I'm surprised the teenagers next door haven't egged our house yet bc I totally snapped at them about their dog's business and I think they hate me now.

Anyways, this wasn't meant to be a rant. Dog people, help me out here though. I just don't understand. Cleaning icky dog stuff off toddler shoes (and my shoes) after lots of rain just isn't fun!

Other than that... all is well on the court. :) We love our neighborhood!

Time to hit the sack! Happy Ayyám-i-Há!


The Mostess said...

UGH--SO RUDE!! I would never just let Logan run around, and I certainly wouldn't let him do his business on my neighbor's lawn.

That being said--some dogs won't do their business without a short walk or run, which is why the dog isn't doing it in their own backyard. It's a bad and stupid habit...but that's why. Most responsible pet owners just take their dogs out. Yours just set theirs free.

Don't hesitate to call animal control!

delikk said...

Haha. Love this rant! I'm a dog owner and, yes, even in the rain we do take Maui for a walk (just up the steet). For some reason, dogs need a little walking to get their bowls moving (sorry). BUT, I always pick up the poops. We have a container of bags attached to Maui's leash so there is NO excuse. Good luck with your neighbors!

Jenny said...

i am not a huge dog lover so i get really annoyed when i see one sniffing around my yard. luckily i haven't found any presents though! good luck with that!