Wednesday, February 23, 2011

President's Day in SF

After a fun-filled busy weekend, the Buskirk/Johnson clan woke up bright and early on Monday morning to head to SF for a tour of Alcatraz.

My last trip to "The Rock" is laced with memories of bitter cold and freezing wind and the inability to warm up. I decide not to subject Caitlin to that... especially since she's not really into taking a bottle these days. The thought of nursing in a cold prison cell or on a boat wasn't too appealing :) I was really bummed I missed out on all the Buskirk/Johnson morning fun!

Fortunately, Andrew and Kevin were able to represent the Smithkirks on the President's Day Alcatraz excursion. Andrew loved wandering around the prison with his headset on.

Meanwhile I spent the morning recovering from the weekend and cuddling with my little cutie. I also had a quick breakfast in downtown Danville with the Caffees and Smiths before they headed back to Utah. Caitlin loved having extra time to talk with Aunt Tito & Scott before I headed off for the afternoon in SF. I was hesitant to go since my cell phone wasn't working (LCD screen cracked and I can't see anything, call/text anyone, or even answer calls), but I said a little prayer and hoped I eventually found everyone where they said they would be.

The drive into SF was super quick and I easily met up with the Kevin, Andrew, Shari, and the Johnsons at Boudin Bakery. After they wrapped up lunch, we trekked down to Ghirardelli for some ice cream. Andrew loved sitting at the boys table like a big kid.

...and he was quite a mess afterwards! Covered in strawberry ice cream! He was in heaven!

We wrapped up the day with a drive over to the Golden Gate Bridge and a trip down Lombard Street. When Shauna recovers from this weekend's trip and her work craziness during the next few months, you will probably be able to find pictures of our hike across the bridge here. We walked from the lookout point to the first tower and then back. The view was GORGEOUS! Andrew had a limitless supply of energy stemming from the great examples of his older cousins. They shared their binoculars with him and he loved the "noculars" so much that he even blessed them in his prayers later that night!!

We were all sad when we had to say goodbye to the Buskirks and Johnsons. Andrew threw a little tantrum on the drive home because he wanted to pick up his cousin Ella at the airport. He had loved his drive in the car with her earlier in the day and could not understand why he didn't get to fly to Utah with her!

Fortunately we'll get to spend more time with the Buskirks and Johnsons next weekend at the Vocal Point reunion. Andrew is already counting down the days!

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