Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Sweetness

I have literally a gazillion pictures to sort through from our trip last week to Newport Beach. Hopefully I get a chance to post them soon... or it won't happen.

In the meantime it is almost V-day... so we made some of these for the YW today... and then Kev licked the plate clean. I cheated and didn't make homemade frosting. I've been doing that a lot lately out of sheer laziness. I don't eat as many when I use store bought frosting though... so maybe I'll keep up the trend. I don't need anything else competing with giant Cadbury mini egg bags arriving in stores tomorrow.

I also got this little girl all dressed up. Notice we tried a new hair clip... I now hate hair clips. I've been looking for this one all afternoon. It is amazing how quickly things disappear at our house... or anywhere for that matter. I need a tracking device on everything- hair brush, keys, wallet, etc.

Now I need to get off vacation mode and start planning for our little V-day/Kindness celebration party we're having tomorrow night with three families from church.

Usually my best ideas come when I procrastinate! If not, we have a trampoline, chocolate, and toys... so the kids will be happy either way.

Wish me luck.

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