Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shooting Hoops

Andrew is obsessed with any sport that involves a ball. This makes him my favorite little buddy when it comes to going to support the girls from church in any sporting event that they are involved in. This Friday's activity was Freshman girls basketball.

Climbing the bleachers is another favorite activity... fortunately the game wasn't too packed. Andrew wouldn't leave home without at least one basketball. He sleeps with about 5 basketballs/soccer balls. Pretty soon there isn't going to be any space left for him in his bed.

For this game he had Caitlin "carry" two of his basketballs. During the breaks in the game we went and played on the basketball courts outside.

When the game got intense towards the end (they were only 2 points behind), we whipped out some candy necklaces to chew on.

The friend we went to watch scored a basket and we screamed and screamed! I was so impressed with how well Andrew behaved for the hour and a half game.

Caitlin just happily looked around and then fell fast asleep in the Baby Bjorn. Must've been all those loud scoreboard noses that helped her relax ;)

Afterwards we met up with Kevin for some Cheesecake Factory take-out and fun on the mall rides... since Andrew was such a good little guy and we found a HUGE bag of quarters in my car.

So excited that it is the weekend!!

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