Thursday, February 3, 2011

A loooong day trip!

One of my favorite places on gorgeous days is San Francisco. Driving across both bridges to Marin doesn't get old because the views are so beautiful!

Before we met up with some friends for the day, we took a short hike to the Golden Gate Bridge. Andrew is all about yelling "cheese" when I take pictures these days... but can't seem to look at the camera.

We started our little hike at the vista point right across the bridge from SF...

Little man ran and ran and I attempted to keep up.

Fortunately our stroller was packed with some "energy" (chocolate) for when he lost some steam and thought he needed to be carried.

We made it to the first tower and decided to head back before all energy was zapped (after all, we still had a day of running around to do- it was only 11:30am).

To keep us all happy on the way back we played hide-and-seek behind all of the lights... and then Andrew would race me to the next one. It kept us all moving and him distracted so that he forgot how tired he was.

Next time we'll bring the double jogger and see if we can run all the way across and back. Caitlin loved looking around and was such a happy girl.

After our bridge trip we hit up the Bay Discovery Museum again. This time we went with my friend Alie and her cute girls. I was having too much fun chatting to even bother snapping any pictures.

We stayed far too long and then got caught in a giant traffic jam on the way home. Tons of sand had spilled all over the Bay Bridge, so traffic was stopped. Instead of waiting, I drove South on 101 to the San Mateo Bridge. Fortunately both kiddos were fast asleep and when they woke up they were happy.

We had to take a pitt stop at a ghetto mall parking lot to feed Caitlin and then we hopped back on 580 to sit in more traffic. We FINALLY made it home after almost 3 hours of driving. We left home at 10am and got home at 7pm. Good thing I have cooperative happy kids or this afternoon would've been a nightmare. I also LOVE the dvd player Kevin built into my car so that I can show a gazillion movies on my iPod on days like today.

Definitely a longer day trip than we planned, but since I always pack the car as if we're going to have some sort of natural disaster, it all worked out okay. :)

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Sarah said...

Seriously long day! I want to see a photo of the DVD player set up. You can play videos from your ipod on it? That sounds awesome.