Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beach babes and the journey home

On our last day in So Cal we headed to Huntington Beach to catch some rays and watch the Googlers take surfing lessons. We arrived about 45 minutes after they started and plopped ourselves down on the beach and played.

Caitlin was content to just nap and lay out :)

Andrew was all about looking for sea shells.

This was seriously the nicest beach trip I have ever taken. Andrew had no desire to go in the water, so he played in the sand, I lied down on our towel and caught some rays, and Caitlin napped.

After about two hours we were surprised our surfing daddy hadn't waved at us yet. We waited as all the guys came out of the water... but Kevin never came. Hmmm... maybe we'd been watching the wrong group of surfers?

We packed up to go back to the car and see if they were somewhere else (cue screaming baby that didn't want to go back in her carseat and tantruming toddler who wanted to see his daddy!). I almost had my own tantrum at that point as I was pushing a loaded down jogging stroller across the sand dunes (not an easy feat). I had only pushed it out bc I figured I'd have help from Kevin on the way back.

Guess not!

Did we ever find Kevin? Nope! Screaming toddler was bribed to calm down with an icee. But then he wanted another one, so the screaming started again... and then moved into just being sad, "I really miss my daddy!" "I really want to see my daddy."

So did I kiddo, so did I.

Kevin beat us back to the hotel. He'd never seen us (and his phone hadn't been with him)... so sad! We enjoyed looking at these surfing pics of Kevin though... He headed back to work and we went hiking and to a park.

My park buddy

Friday night was spent enjoying several hours with Jeff, Meredith, and unborn baby Jude. They sacrificed their last real Friday night the chill with us crazy people (baby Jude was born Monday morning!). We went to Gina's Pizza in Corona del Mar (yum!) and then back to the Hayes casa for a tour and more chatting.

The next morning I went on a fabulous run around the Back Bay and then we got all ready to go home.

My little princess :)

We brought basically everything we own... so it was fun trying to fit it back in the car. I was just glad to not be resting my head on a stroller wheel on the drive home.

Our last stop was Diddy Riese in Westwood on our return trip.

We enjoyed every last messy bite!

The journey back to Nor Cal wasn't too bad. Though Caitlin really hates her carseat now and I really hate Handy Manny.

We stopped and took several breaks... since we like to find joy (not pain) in the journey :)

We were so glad to get cozy in our own beds and fall fast asleep once we got home!

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Meredith Hayes said...

It was SO GOOD to see you guys. We could just talk and tell stories with you all day long. We'll have to make it happen again soon!!