Saturday, February 26, 2011

Turning 3!!

(Warning: This post contains LOTS of pictures! :))

We LOVE birthdays at our house... so Kevin and I tried really hard to make Andrew's 3rd birthday super special!

We decked out the kitchen with presents and decorations...

When he woke up, he bopped balloons for awhile (he probably would've been OK with just balloons as presents!)

Caitlin loved staring at him

Then we played with his marble run (a Christmas present) that Kevin set up again for his birthday. He accidently knocked it down 2 minutes later... so we moved on to breakfast :)

Chocolate muffins with candles!

The Grandparents gave him loads of new books on his favorite topics so we had a birthday book breakfast. We read and read until my voice was hoarse. He especially loved the books about trash, insects, and the ABCs.

After lots of book reading, playing with balloons, and watching a favorite show or two, we headed up to Blackhawk to the new Studio Grow. We went to the one in Concord last year (which is much bigger)... but the new one by us is a sampling of all the activities at the big studio and still kept us busy for 2 hours... especially the little roller coasters.

Andrew needed a birthday cookie at Draegers, so that was our next stop (and GR Doodlebug- our favorite toy store).

Once we got home we ate lunch (with more birthday candles!!)

and played balloon baseball before quiet time

During quiet time I got Andrew's birthday present Scavenger Hunt ready. Notice the re-used pink bags :) I was kinda lazy and Andrew didn't care one bit!

Caitlin kept herself occupied with a little Baby Einstein tube time (for like 3 minutes which was enough time for me to hide all the presents).

After he played quietly for an hour and a half I couldn't wait any longer... so I got him out of his room and the hunt began! I had fun coming up with clues and was impressed at how well he did.

"Buckets of trains and instruments are “mine,” this is where you’ll find clue number 9." (toy bins)

"Daddy’s tools help and fix, this is where you’ll find clue number 6." (tool cupboard)

"Jump and jump and jump so more, this is where you’ll find clue number 4." (trampoline)

"You turn the wheel and try to drive, this is where you’ll find clue number 5."

I loved it when he "read" the clues himself. The ones he made up were pretty funny.

After all 10 bags were found, we had some play time!

His loot- some stuff from the Grandparents (trains galore!!) and some stuff from us (lots of $1 aisle Target presents I originally bought and wrapped before Cate was born to give to Andrew when I was nursing... I never needed them though bc he always kept himself occupied).

We opened all the trains and had a train party for about an hour. He lined all of them up and tried to pull them around the track together.

Next up was his birthday dinner at Fuddruckers! His favorite part was playing air hockey with Kevin.

Miss Smiley hung out with me and had fun watching!

The birthday boy loves his ketchup!!

The last stop of the night was Toys R Us to pick out his big boy bike with training wheels. It was a tough choice!

But he picked himself a Harley :)

We got home and enjoyed some birthday messages, videos, and a fun present from his cousin Maddie. He LOVED every phone call he got and especially LOVED hearing Maddie, Elise, and Grandpa sing him "Happy Birthday." He got the cutest, happiest smile on his face when he was listening.
Maddie's b-day message

He's stoked to try his motorcycle outside soon. He would only ride it for a second and then was concerned that it was too loud for inside the house :) (He's now spent all morning in the frigid cold riding it around the cul de sac!).

We also gave him this pretty awesome bowling game. He can set up the pins himself (my favorite part).

The birthday boy went to bed very very happy! I think he likes being 3! (I would too)

The celebrating will be continuing for the next few weeks (we like "birth month"... instead of birthday) with some birthday parties with friends and a few more presents... and the bowling cake pops I'm going to try and make today. What a lucky kid!


Jenny said...

love the scavenger hunt idea! we went to studio grow in concord this week--the kids love that place!

Ashley said...

What a very very lucky and loved boy he is! I love the picture of you reading to him at breakfast--there are never enough pictures of us moms with our kids. Your kids have it so good! BTW, our family went bowling yesterday and I thought of Andrew . . . .

Liz said...

What an awesome birthday for an awesome 3 year old! Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Sarah said...

What a fun birthday! Can't wait to see the rest of the birth month celebrations. I love the surprise Andrew got from Madeline. AWESOME.