Sunday, January 30, 2011

Almost Perfection

Today started out perfectly. Andrew and Caitlin let us sleep in until 8:45am. We hustled to get ready for our 10am Stake Conference and it was done by 11:30am. Yay! A break from 3 hr church is nice sometimes.

After that, Andrew took an awesome 2 hr nap while Kevin & I made dinner, cleaned up the house, and snapped some photos of Caitlin in her Sunday outfit (courtesy of Bryant & Candice).

Jessie, Timmy, and the Heymans came over for an early Sunday dinner and we enjoyed chatting and food while the crazy kiddos played and played.

Kate & Andrew were SUCH goofballs and LOVED each other tonight.

They jumped and jumped on the trampoline and giggled and slammed each other like they were hosting their own WWF Smackdown. Kevin got a little bit of video footage. Jenny & I were both a little nervous that the trampoline was going to go flying over.

Kate & Andrew even played up in Andrew's room alone without any fighting for almost 45 minutes. That is UNHEARD of if you've been to my house in the last two months. Little dude usually has a really hard time sharing.

After Kate left, Andrew said, "Can Kate stay at our house forever?"

After too much food and yummy dessert we said goodbye to everyone and Kevin led storytime before bed. I walked in to find everyone snuggled together so I had to run and get the camera to get a picture.

The only element of our day that was not awesome was the excruciating wrist pain that I have that has continued to keep getting worse. Frosting a cake this afternoon was so terrible and I grimace at the thought of picking up Caitlin, her carseat,... and basically anything else heavy. It is also painful to put weight on my wrist when I push off the floor to try and stand up. It has been decently painful up until now and today was the worst! I'm thinking maybe I have some sort of tendonitis? Has anyone else had similar pain after having a new baby?

All in all, the day was great though! We are so lucky to have such fun family members living close by!!


The Mostess said...

Ugh--I feel your pain. Back in the day when I was a nanny for a newborn, I got carpal tunnel syndrome. I couldn't pick up the carseat, heavy pans, etc. It sounds similar to what you have. Rest and/or a brace would be a good start, but you should see a Doctor ASAP to make sure it doesn't get worse.

Also--you feel the pain in your wrist and hand, but it's likely caused by the nerve in your neck and shoulders--one you scrunch up when you breastfeed. Try some new positions, and see if that helps as well.

Good luck!

Jenny said...

Thanks again for a fun and yummy dinner! I'm sorry about your wrist- mine got bad while I was pregnant with Macy and after, but I don't think it was ever as bad as you're describing. I started laying off the 30 day Shred videos and that seemed to help (or maybe it helped to stop carrying the carseat...never thought about that). I'd go get it looked at!

Our Horsley Household said...

I have two kinds of tendonitis in both wrists from Spencer. Definitely go see you doctor. Wearing the braces does help. (I wear mine at night because it was impossible to handle Spencer while wearing them.)